Every now and then I get an urge to quill something different, and from now on when I do they will be placed in here on a first come – first served basis. All of the pieces are framed, I cannot send unframed art as the paper is too vulnerable and needs the frame for protection. Each product is totally unique as no two pieces can ever be the same.

IMPORTANT!! Please read before purchasing:

I no longer quill A3 pieces due to the high number of breakages, so all pieces are A4 in size. If you do require an A3 piece I am happy to order you a frame and send it but can take no responsibility for breakages in transit. I will, of course, do everything I can to ensure that piece is packaged as well as I can.

All the frames are made from Natural Wood and are painted white so will have natural bumps and blemishes from the wood grain.

Thanks for being understanding. XXXX

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